Looking for some guidance to reaching your max health potential?

Let me show you the hidden health secrets that are either lost, forgotten, overlooked, or downright angers those who don’t want you to know. Health is a journey, not a pill. It requires mind, body, and soul in order to create the health balance we all need. Let me be your guide!

I also recommend products that I personally use or have researched deeply to find purity and quality. I won’t steer you wrong here, and I openly admit I am not a doctor. Always consult your physician before taking any of this advice, or the supplements I recommend.

-Quick Recipes-

best ground coffee

Best Ground Coffee

Best Ground Coffee- 2023 So Many Options- So Little Patience You wake up in the morning, dodge any potential obstacles

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Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For Men

A good running shoe is one that provides comfort, support, and protection for your feet while you’re running. Different runners have varying preferences and…

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-Travel Highlights-


santiago de querétaro querétaro mexico

If you are looking to see the real Mexico, and none of the tourist see areas where you will get harassed to purchase things by Groves of locals – then this city is the place to come see! I recommend going to smaller areas in Mexico versus the touristy spots where you will see nothing but people from your country. If you want the best experience, then come to Queretaro–>Learn more 

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