Who Am I?

Looking For Some Guidance To Reaching Your Max Health Potential?

Let me show you the hidden health secrets that are either lost, forgotten, overlooked, or downright angers those who don’t want you to know. Health is a journey, not a pill. It requires mind, body, and soul in order to create the health balance we all need. Let me be your guide!

I also recommend products that I personally use or have researched deeply to find purity and quality. I won’t steer you wrong here, and I openly admit I am not a doctor. Always consult your physician before taking any of this advice, or the supplements I recommend.

What Is My Background?

 After being diagnosed with cancer, I dove deep into the academic realms in college and started researching health to the fullest. I wrote several articles on Health, with peer reviewed articles to back my research. I graduated from MSU and have continued doing research ever cents.

Am I A Doctor?

Not yet, I do plan to go get my alternative medicine doctorate degree. The research that I uncover, I always recommend you seek a physicians advice before taking any supplements or advice that I recommend. I will either cite my sources, or let you know what I feel and believe has worked for me.

For any product that I recommend, I inform the public to the best of my ability that otherwise stated is as follows:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

"Your are comprised of what you take into your body- mind-wise, body, and spiritually" -Ry The Health Guy

If you are like me, it isn’t that you feel that you will become immortal with your health decisions, it is more of being able to live comfortably without aging and living an absolute pain. Believe it or not, we do have the ability to create and transform our mind body and soul into its most optimal form. We do this by monitoring what we take in, and what we put out to others.

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