Asked questions

Is Ry a doctor?

No, I am not a doctor, in fact, I am just a researcher that conveys info that has worked for me, has worked for others, and by no means is a substitute for your physician.

Where does Ry's research come from?

My research comes from various sources. I try to find the most extensive 3rd party reviewed information that I can find, scouring the internet, college databases, and certified health practician based content I can find.

Why pick the products I pick?

I pick products based on scientific research before suggesting them to you. Almost every product I suggest, I use myself, and will let you know which ones I personally use. I am usually my own guinea pig so to speak.

Does Ry use affiliate links?

Yes, in fact I offer products that are well recommended, and monetized to keep this site and info going around.

Why am is the blog in existence?

My goal is to make the public aware of health options that exist out there. I have been there, thinking there were no options. We all need options available to us in this day and age of lies and deceit by the powers that be.

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