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Healthy Bone And Joint

Healthy Bone And Joint

Back Pain

August 10, 2021by admin

Do you suffer from back pain?- Did you know that most back pain is an overall accumulation of muscles that are compensating from weaknesses and taking over, contorting muscles and vertebrae in the wrong areas, pinching nerves, and creating unbalance in the body? Lower Back Pain- Commonly, stress can be a large contributor to back […]

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Isalean Pro Shake

Cajun Shrimp And Sausage Pasta

Cajun Shrimp And Sausage Pasta

August 10, 2021by admin

Ingredients : ½ pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails removed 1 andouille sausage, about ½ pound, sliced into rounds 1 – 2 tablespoons cajun/creole spice mix, adjust to your spice/heat level Olive oil ½ Stick of Butter ½ medium yellow onion, thinly sliced ½ red bell pepper, thinly sliced 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 […]

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August 3, 2021by admin

Top 4 Ingredients To Avoid- And Why Doctors Don’t Mention This Gluten Products- Wheat ,flour, barley, and rye- Theses ingredients are one of the world’s most commonly consumed items in today’s society. Although gluten is in just about everything we eat today, it is one ingredient you need to avoid, and here’s why. Wheat ,flour, […]

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October 21, 2021

  1. Stress Relief- Stress is a killer, in fact, it can be linked to the number 1 disease that is killing most people, not only in America, but worldwide. Stress can cause premature aging, Aches and pains, chest pain or a feeling like your heart is racing, high blood pressure, muscle tension or jaw clenching, libido issues, and even sleep disorders.

When medications with outrageous side-affects aren’t the answer, meditation, according to doctors can be an excellent alternative. Practice of meditation produced a relaxation response even in the young adult subjects who had never practiced meditation before, according to a study by the The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Vol. 17, No. 3.

The practice of meditation reduced the physiologic stress responses without taking away the beneficial effect of stress, namely, improved memory scores in this article.

2. May help fight addictions- Many of us use chemicals to fend off our daily bodily issues. From coffee to fight fatigue, to nicotine to handle the undesirables and work loads of our demanding jobs. At night, many fall into alcohol addictions by using a night cap, and having to use the “hair of the dog” to fight off the morning hangover- creating a nasty cycle that many of us are aware of.

Successful addiction recovery is often related to an individual’s ability to develop and use a repertory of coping behaviors, including the ability to maintain an ongoing awareness of one’s vulnerability. Morning meditation along with a desire to stop addiction can absolutely help on the quest to recovery.

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3. increased Creativity- Creativity is essential to the development and advancement of human civilization and plays a crucial role in our cultural life. Hence, researchers among various disciplines have burgeoning interest in the potential for fostering creativity through education and training.

In fact, Notable sport stars who utilize mindfulness and meditation include: Novak Djokovic, the LA Lakers, the Seattle Seahawks, Kobe Bryant, Misty May-Trainor, Kerri Walsh, and of course many more have turned to meditation to improve their skills.

4. May reduce age-related memory loss- Let’s face it, aging has it’s downfalls, to put it lightly. However, it has been shown that programs geared towards training cognitive processes can actually reverse age-related cognitive decline, at least partly. Engaging the brain in intense mental processes, such as those occurring during meditation, might constitute a form of cognitive training. Keeping an active brain, whether engaging in mind-training games, and even reaching those other brain waves, can slow the process of aging in the brain. Exercising the neurons is important, especially with meditation.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the percentage of the population aged 60 or older is expected to double by 2050 worldwide. With the whole pandemic debacle, the trust in the WHO has decreased. However, reports of aging mindfully to minimize cognitive decline does support this claim.

5. Increased Productivity- Ever feel the mental fatigue at the end of the day, and somebody comes to with a technical question, and it is exhausting to try to figure it out? Try it in the morning when your brain has reached a higher cognitive function and give it another go. The question tends to be much easier to solve. The same thing happens after meditation during your wake hours. That little break is like a computer defrag, allowing yourself to free up more mental juices to carry out a better day.

6. Reduced Pain- According to a study of 90 chronic pain patients were trained in mindfulness meditation in a 10-week Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program. According to the study, there was a statistically significant reductions were observed in measures of present-moment pain, negative body image, inhibition of activity by pain, symptoms, mood disturbance, and psychological symptomatology, including anxiety and depression.

Pain-related drug utilization had been decreased and activity levels and feelings of self-esteem had proven to increase. Improvement appeared to be independent of gender, source of referral, and type of pain.

During the study, the majority of subjects reported continued high compliance with the meditation practice as part of their daily lives.

Conclusion: A comparison group of pain patients did not show significant improvement on these measures after traditional treatment protocols.

Brown, D. P., and Engler, J. (1980). A Rorschach study of the stages of mindfulness meditation. J.Transper. Psychol. 12: 143–192.

7. Controls anxiety- Anxiety is a rough patch for many, in fact, Nearly one-third (31.9%) of adolescents (ages 13-18) had an anxiety disorder between 2001 and 2004. Of these adolescents, the 17- to 18-year-old age group was most affected. (Archives of General Psychiatry, 2005). Anxiety can be linked to Thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, heart disease, diabetes, certain side effects from medication, lack of oxygen or respiratory disorders including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, or asthma, Illicit drug use or withdrawal from drugs/alcohol, and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

While many of these links to anxiety can be a hill to climb when it comes to chilling out the effects, it is possible to achieve. Always consult a physician when this becomes a frequent issue. In the meantime, meditation may help with this as well.

8. May help you heal- Healing the mind can help heal the body. A growing body of research suggests that meditation can enhance various cognitive functions, including attention, memory, and executive function. When the brain is operating at optimal capacity, the healing can begin. Sure, you can’t grow a lost limb back, but keeping your mind and body in sync is crucial when overcoming certain illnesses and injuries.

9. Eased Tension- Do naps help the over worked and fatigued? Meditation can do the same. Stretching before meditation can help you achieve your goals of reaching the alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta waves your body needs to relax.

10. May lower blood pressure– I’m not saying jump off your blood pressure meds, by any means. But keeping a smooth-running system can help at any rate when comes to the body. Much like adding fuel additive to your car will help the overall performance. Getting the body into homeostasis is key. Low stress, cutting caffeine, avoiding sodium, and keeping your mellow can help overall.

But how much is sufficient? According to an article put out by Harvard Health Publishing by Harvard Medical School-Dr. Benson recommends practicing the relaxation response twice a day, for 10 to 20 minutes, like what other meditation experts recommend. Here’s how to do it-

Sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed.

Relax your muscles and silently repeat a word, phrase, sound, or short prayer of your choosing over and over.

When stray thoughts interfere (as they will), let them come and go and return to your word, phrase, or sound.

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Alternative Options

When the medical field can’t find answers to common medical problems, it’s time to dig deeper and find a more natural form of healing.

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